Do you have a store front?

Not yet, but we are working on it! Until we do, we work out of our Texas Cottage Law-approved kitchen, where we use a lot of butter and a helluva lot of sugar.

How can I pick up my order?

We usually arrange to meet at a destination that is convenient for you. You may also request to have your order delivered within the greater Austin area.

How far in advance do I need to place an order?

We generally need 2 days notice for orders. For larger specialty orders we ask at least 1 week notice or more. Weekend and holiday order slots fill up quickly, so place your orders as soon as you can. We try to make room for everyone.

Do y'all accept credit cards?

YES! As of January 2015 we invoice all customers once an order is confirmed, and you have the option to pay with credit card via the link in your invoice. Otherwise you are welcome to wait until your delivery/pickup date and pay in person with cash or check made out to Sugar Bowl Kitchen.

What the heck is a "lagniappe"?

Our family has strong ties to New Orleans, where we were first introduced to the lagniappe ourselves. A lagniappe is defined as "A small gift given to a customer by a merchant at the time of a purchase."

Or, in our own words: “a little somethin’ extra.” Rather than the traditional “baker’s dozen”, if we have any leftovers from a particular batch we’d rather go a bit further and just give you whatever we have. More sugar in the South is never a bad thing, right?

Do you ever give out your decorated sugar cookie recipe?

Ha nice try, but our recipes are top secret. We'll be glad to make those cookies for you though, minus the recipe.

Do you make sugar-free selections?

We generally stick to what we know and love best, sugar-filled buttery treats. But if you ask nicely, we can usually come up with a custom sugar-free order for you.

What about gluten-free items?

We do offer a few gluten-free items on the menu, or if you have a particular order that you'd like us to make gluten-free we're happy to oblige. However we are big on taste, and unfortunately sometimes there are just things that gluten-free flours can't do the same as regular flour. We'd prefer to offer gluten-free items that work with particular flavors rather than just sub out the flours. This way we can ensure the item you get not only meets any dietary restrictions, but tastes damn delicious to boot!

What if I can't find (insert delicious item here) on your menu? Can you make it for me?

Most of the time, YES! Give us a shout at orders@sugarbowlkitchen.com and we'll see what we can do!

Why can't you ship orders?

We operate under the Texas Cottage Law, and currently the law does not allow for home-based operations to ship orders. Likewise this is also the reason our customers cannot order via our website. Read more about the Texas Cottage Law here.

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