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Prihoda Family

Who we are

We are a Southern family bakery located in Austin, TX. We believe a little "yes ma'am" (and a whole lotta sugar) goes a long way, in life and in baked goods!

The majority of our recipes are old family recipes dating back two and three generations. In addition we are proud to use ONLY Southern-made ingredients, whether it's Imperial Sugar or White Lily flour.

While we specialize in cupcakes and cookies, our other kitchen offerings follow the seasons. You might see spiced pumpkin breads and miniature apple pies in the fall, and blackberry tarts in the summer. Check out our Menu, it changes frequently! Or browse our social media feeds for special customized treats we've made for our customers. Everything we offer is made to order only, so every item out of our kitchen is fresh and the quality is superb.

How We Started

Kristen Prihoda has been baking in the kitchen with her mama since she was 5. If she wasn't baking with her mama, then it was with one of her grandmothers or aunts.

As she grew up, baking had always been a hobby that she loved to do, but never a main focus. She graduated from The University of Texas at Austin (Hook 'em!) with a Bachelor in Journalism, and later led a successful 8-year career in marketing and graphic design for a small bioscience publisher.

Then in 2013, after she and husband Andy brought their sweet daughter Caroline into the world, Kristen decided to pursue some new creative outlets that permitted her to work from home and care for the baby. She had always loved baking and was constantly getting compliments about her treats from friends, family and even complete strangers. And so, a few batches of cookies later, Sugar Bowl Kitchen was born!

Texas Cottage Law

We operate in a home kitchen under the Texas Cottage Law. What does this mean for you? Because this is a home kitchen and we are a small operation, every item we bake is guaranteed fresh and always made to order.

Rather than a large chain of command like in larger bakeries and restaurants where there is an owner, a manager, pastry chefs, etc, our kitchen is operated by members of the Prihoda family only. This means that every item is made with special care and attention because unlike the employees of a larger operation, we genuinely care about our product because it's OUR product! Our reputation is on the line with every batch of frosting we make, every cupcake we decorate and every pie we bake.

Plus, because we're small we can afford to charge much less than larger bakeshops----even for wedding orders!

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